Blue Jasmine News

Blue Jasmine has been selected by Iowa's First Lady Christie Vilsack's Reading Club for the Month of June. Other selections are Heartbeat by Sharon Creech and Small Steps by Louis Sachar. Blue Jasmine has also been nominated for the Georgia Children's Book Awards for 2006-2007.

Blue Jasmine


"In this delicate, introspective debut novel, narrator Seema describes her assimilation to America, capturing the distinct flavor of two different cultures while celebrating the unifying force of friendship."
- Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“A realistic emigration story told with empathy and sincerity.”
- Kirkus Reviews

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Blue Jasmine has won several notable awards, including:

Blue Jasmine is published by Hyperion Books and has been translated in Turkish (MAVI YASMIN) and Swedish (BLÅ JASMIN).

Blue Jasmine will be available in paperback April 2006. It can be purchased through Hyperion Books,, or Barnes & Noble online.

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